The Platform

How It Works

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01. Software

Use the free web-based software platform to generate a user profile and create projects.

As the user creates the project they benefit from real-time costings, build schedules and completion dates which are updated automatically from information fed back to them via the manufacturing portal. Designers have the ability to build a virtual facility, building a relationship with their manufacturers or benefit from the ability to seek the best fit for each particular project.

02. Submit for review

Once the user is happy with the project, the cost and the time schedule, they submit the project.

The project then goes through a process where the Manufacturing users review the design and output to make sure everything is okay and compliant with relevant codes and requirements before progressing onto the next step.

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03. Manufacturing

The software platform will ensure all details of the final output are ready to run the manufacturing facility, order all supply chain items and schedule the work

There is minimal human intervention required and updates are sent daily. All three parties, supply, OSM and on-site will review the submitted design and data, approving the suggested cost, schedule and output. Once approval is achieved, the entire supply chain will begin working from one central data point, eliminating inefficiencies and ensuring all parties benefit from the platform. This is lean manufacturing.

04. Onsite Assembly

The final piece is bringing it together seamlessly.

On-site teams can provide rates early in the process and severely limit any risk, knowing every detail has been resolved prior to the manufactured components arriving on-site. The software will also auto-populate and provide, to on-site contractors, an easy to follow set of guidelines and instructions. This ensures the project is constructed efficiently and uses best practice construction methods. Cnstrcts workflow will consistently push the integration of new technologies such as revolutionary on-site robotics, to ensure the quality of the build is a far superior level of finish to anything yet to be achieved.

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