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Designer Portal

User Group 1

The designer portal is based around a simple and easy to use design UI/UX. A range of users from experienced professionals to one off individuals will be able to design a highly resolved digital model, when linked with the manufacturing portal, capable of automating the procurement, manufacturing and construction process.

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Utilizing The Cloud

The Cnstrct platform is a revolutionary approach, utilizing cloud computing and the notion of virtual vertically integrated teams and off-site manufacturing. It creates an efficient and seamless link between design, off-site manufacturing and on-site construction. Whether the user is a designer, manufacturer, supplier or contractor, they benefit from an efficient data loop that streamlines project delivery and becomes smarter and more powerful as the software and user-base grows.

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Manufacturing portal

User Group 2

The Manufacturing Portal is where supply chain, off-site manufacturing and on-site teams register, input there relevant parameters and link to one another with the highly resolved digital design models developed in the design portal. These models to help automate the procurement and delivery process and form the perfect foundation to build upon.

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