Our Vision

To change an industry through
a design-driven process.


About Us

We believe that through good design, the construction industry can be radically altered, improving it by offering a simpler process with great certainty around project costs, timing and quality.

We provide designers with a software platform that guides them through the process of creating a highly resolved, digital model of their building, giving real-time costings, time schedules and an exact digital twin of what will be built. We then use these digital models to streamline the construction. We deliver the complete project through a highly automated and global system that leverages the latest offsite manufacturing & robotics and directly links to the supply chain. We ensure projects are completed faster, more efficiently, of higher quality and at a lower cost & higher quality.


Values & Objectives


Design for all

High quality design should not be a luxury. In fact, it is the solution to lowering construction and lifecycle costs. Technology, offsite manufacturing and advancements in AI and machine learning provide us with the opportunity to bring mass customised design to all built form.

Lowering Costs

Levels of complexity and huge inefficiencies in the current construction industry model can be dramatically reduced with highly resolved digital models. This front end design for manufacture, supply chain and ease in assembly removes all inefficiencies associated with the way our buildings are currently represented in 2D format.


Machine like precision is not something which describes the current construction industry and the way we build. By teaming the highly resolved design with robotic and automated manufacturing techniques, we produce unrivalled construction quality. Ensuring every component comes together seamlessly.


Simplify the process

Our industry is currently littered with inefficiencies and complex navigation in order to complete the simplest of projects. We emphasise the front end, ensuring that our users have all the knowledge, skills and resources to control the entire project. This allows them to provide a simplified and transparent service to their clients.


Imagine knowing how much it will cost, how long it will take and the exact details around the construction phase in real time as you develop your design. No need to imagine, we provide that. As our users change and develop their project they will have certainty around the outcome.

Enable Innovation

The current industry model does not lend itself to easy adoption of innovation, most commonly adding more steps and inefficiencies in order to implement new technologies. The Cnstrct platform makes it easier, ensuring any knowledge required is at our users fingertips from the outset.