Revolutionising the way we design & build

The CNSTRCT platform provides a radical new way to design and build buildings. It provides architect users with the knowledge of consultants virtually and the latest offsite manufacturing technology, robotics and machinery.

Mass-Customised Design

Good design is not a luxury

It is Cnstrct’s vision to provide a platform which enables high quality design outcomes tailored to both the site and end architect user. Our manufacturing facilities will provide a wide range of capabilities, construction methodologies and materials to ensure the platform user can create mass customised design.


simplified process

Control the design, know the outcome

The CNSTRCT platform empowers the architect user to control the entire design process and leaves no stone unturned, resolving every detail. What is designed is what is built.


tasks & delivery

Enjoy designing and let the CNSTRCT platform take care of the tasks you don’t want to. Our software guides you through the design development with a virtual team of consultants. It automates strategic details and ensures the right level of detail is achieved to provide accurate costings, time schedules while also running our manufacturing facilities autonomously.