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The world’s first AEC innovation and technology implementation partner. Helping companies across the globe dramatically increase productivity and reduce risk by strategically embracing and developing existing and emerging technologies and innovative solutions.

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We will never see the full potential of the technology already available let alone any new innovations unless we start to rethink the process. Design, Documentation, Procurement, Supply, Manufacturing, Assembly, Payments, Contracts and Life-cycle.

We help our partners to build specific technology and innovation strategies for their business. Guiding them through existing technology, assisting in implementation as well as co -developing new solutions where needed. We understand the industry and available technology on a macro level, ensuring that we make the most of what is available whilst identifying opportunities to develop where there is a product market fit.


Who are we?

Cnstrct is a global team of AEC specific software development, computational design and automation specialist who believe that the construction industry can dramatically increase productivity and reduce risk through streamlined processes that embrace innovative technologies both existing and emerging within the industry. We assist the AEC industry in adopting innovation and increasing productivity through tailored technology solutions including;

- Computational Desgn

- Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DMFA)

- Digital Fabrication and Computer Aided Manufacturing

- Implementation of Off-Site Manufacturing and Modern Methods of Construction

- Lean Manufacturing

- Robotics

- BIM Integration and Automation

- Automated Procurement

- Automated Supply Chain Management

- Project Scheduling/Management Software

- Accounts Payable Automation

- Building Lifecycle Technology

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What we offer.

We customize solutions through a range of services specific to our clients’ needs and budget, ensuring that the benefits are experienced and implemented efficiently and strategically to maintain constant and incremental improvement:

-  Strategic Consulting

  •    DFMA

  •    OSM/MMA

  •    Lean Manufacturing

  •    Automation/Robotics

  •    Software Integration

  •    Technology Adoption and implementation

    -   Computational Design

  •    Parametric Design

  •    Generative Design

    -    Software Development

  •    Process automation

  •    Application Development

Delivering Results.

We co-develop and invest in software platforms with our clients/partners to address their specific needs whilst positioning it into the larger market. This co-ownership model provides our partners with an added revenue stream from any software platforms they contribute to developing whilst also providing a guaranteed return on investment and productivity gains for any new clients/partners. We currently have a number of software platforms available and in development including:

-        Cnstrct Digital Component Marketplace

-        Cnstrct Critical Path

-        Cnstrct Accounts Payable

-        The Cnstrct Platform

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